Kimiyo MISHIMA “Painting Period 1954-1970”

Sat. Nov 9 - Sat. Dec 14, 2013

left: Kimiyo MISHIMA "Work62-A" 1962 135×183.5cm cloth, newspaper, acrylic on board
right: Kimiyo MISHIMA "Push-B" 1965 145×112.5cm magazine, newspaper, acrylic on canvas

left: Kimiyo MISHIMA "Transfiguration 2" 1965 163×130 newspaper, magazine, acrylic on canvas
right: Kimiyo MISHIMA "Work-7B" 1966 162×130.5cm draft copy paper, cloth, acrylic on canvas

Kimiyo MISHIMA "Transfiguration of Venus-U" 1967 183×183cm newspaper, silk-screen print, acrylic on board

Gallery Yamaki Fine Art will present a solo exhibition of works by Kimiyo MISHIMA.
Kimiyo MISHIMA (1932-, b. in Osaka), started to create ceramic works in about 1971 with printed matters transferred on by silk-screen, the style she has been highly recognized in and outside Japan. Now an octogenarian, she still vigorously leads creative life. Earlier, during 50s and 60s, she displayed many ambitious paintings using a collage technique, which also drew much public attention.

She had started painting in her teens, and about 1957 saw her first shift in expression from figurative to abstract. She started to draw varying motives with sprayed or thick layers of paint. From about 60s, she made use of mosquito nets, blankets, newspapers, magazines for collage, among them especially fond of printed matters. She took up silk-screen printing in 1966 and then her style has developed into three dimensional.

In her over 60 years artistic activity, MISHIMA has always been conscious of time change and the earliest paintings were the driving force for her to realize her own method and style. For MISHIMA, filling up all the surface of the artwork that was taller than herself and facing it was no less an act of realizing mental crisis of being suffocated in information. At the same time, to compose an artwork by cutting out and pasting, or thick application of paint is no less an act that is to find positive power to get over such fears. This group of paintings still embodies more reality with light humor.

It is our pleasure to hear your comment on the exhibition. Please visit us and let us hear what you find.


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Sat. Nov 9 - Sat. Dec 14, 2013 Closed on Sun, Mon
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