Jean LE GAC / Minho LEE / Jeorg LEHMANN / Ringo TANG

Thu. 18 August - Sat. 2 September, 2016

 Gallery Yamaki Fine Art presents four international artists in a photography-focused exhibition of works from its collections, displaying around a dozen of its finest works from previous exhibitions. These four artists hailing from different countries and generations offer glimpses into diverse worldviews embodied in their photography, demonstrating medium’s many forms of beauty and rich potential.

Born in 1936, France. Le Gac, inspired by popular novels or adventure fiction, creates with writing and pictorial or photographic images, a double fiction accompanied by a thorough narrative. A participant of the Venice Biennale and Documenta, as well as exhibiting in major museum and galleries. Currently known to be one of the top 5 artists in France in contemporary art. Le Gac’s works has been included in collections of prestigious musems; the Pompidou Center, City of Paris Museum of Modern Art, MOMA and Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Min-Ho LEE
Born in 1959, South Korea. After graduating Sung-Shin University in Seoul, Lee studied at Diploma of Visual Art (DEA) in University Paris 1 (Pantheon Sorbonne) in Paris, France. After being based in Paris from 1990-2005, she participated in a residency program at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea in 2005. Since she has moved her base to Seoul while exhibiting internationally. With a unique perspective, Lee captures human figures and landscapes, creating photographs which appear to be a patchwork of the modern society.

Jeorg LEHMANN                                   
Born in 1960, Germany. After working worldwide as a commercial photographer in Miami, New York and Cape Town, Lehmann traveled to cities such as New York, Sidney and Hong Kong as a photo journalist for a German magazine. Currently photographing French sculptures as his subjects, as well as contributing to magazines and books with photographs of French lifestyle and food. Renowned for his compositions and unique eye for light.

Ringo TANG                            
Born in 1961, Hong Kong. Tang started to work as a professional photographer in 1984. Since, he has been building his own artistic language in photography, moving image and as a TVC director, experimenting with new styles. Involved in many design projects and advertisings, receiving numerous awards.


Further Biography :
Minho LEE
Ringo TANG

Ringo TANG 《Sail of Life #15》 2008 65×98cm
digital print, Fine Art Photo Rag paper (Hahnemuhle)
Jean LE GAC 《Sanguine, Comment ca va (version sanguine)》  2000 76×56cm
silkscreen print, color photograph


Thursday, August 18 - Saturday, September 3, 2016 
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