Newspaper 95-B 1995 ceramic 20x30x33cm Work62-A 1962 collage and aclylic on board 135×183.5cm

Kimiyo MISHIMA (1932-, b. in Osaka), is most recognized for her ceramic sculpture, on which printed matters are transferred by silk screen, that she has commit since about 1971. Now an octogenarian, she still remains prolific. Earlier, during 50s and 60s, she displayed many ambitious paintings using a collage technique, which also drew much public attention at the time.

She had started painting in her teens, and in about 1957 she changed to abstract. She started to draw varying motives with sprayed or thick layers of paint. From about 60s, she made use of mosquito nets, blankets, newspapers, magazines for collage, among them especially fond of printed matters. She took up silk-screen printing in 1966 and then her style has developed into three dimensional.

What has been the backbone of her creative urge is “The fear and anxiety of being drowning in information”. Through her artwork, she has kept questioning the uncertainty of modern society in which more and more information is provided by printed matters, updated and outdated so rapidly that we humans have no time to examine the basis or the results of it. MISHIMA has tried to express such danger, anxieties, and fears symbolically, by creating smashable newspapers. One can sense ironical humour in these works, in which her idea is combined with ceramics.

During her over 60 year career, MISHIMA has always been conscious of time change. The earliest paintings were such that urged her to take up her own method and style. For MISHIMA, filling up all the surface of the artwork that was taller than herself and facing it was no less an act of realizing mental crisis of being suffocated in information. At the same time, to compose an artwork by cutting out and pasting, or thick application of paint is no less an act that is to find positive power to get over such fears. This group of paintings still embodies more reality with light humor.

1932 Born in Osaka, Japan.
1965 "The 9th Annual Shell Exhibition," won the Prize
"International Ceramics Exhibition," won the Gold Medal at 74', Faenza Ceramics Museum, Faenza, Italy
【Selected Solo Exhibition】
”Painting Period,” Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Kobe, Japan
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2004 Nii Gallery, Osaka, Japan / Contemporary Art Museum, Ise, Mie, Japan
2001 Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1999 INAX Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1998 Art Front Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1992 Kasahara Gallery, Osaka, Japan
1990 INAX Gallery, Tokyo, Osaka, Gallery Pusu, Tokyo, Japan
1988 Gallery 16, Kyoto, Japan
1985 Gallery Ueda, Warehouse, Tokyo, Japan
1980 Sakura Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
1974 Minami Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1970 Gallery Ano, Osaka, Japan[1964-68]
【Selected Group Exhibitions】
“The Fascination of ceramics x The Excitment of Art” The Shigaraki Ceramic
Cultural Park, Shiga, Japan
“Soaring Voices-Contemporary Japanese women ceramic Artists, Samuel
P. Harn Museum, USA
“Toji Avant-garde et Tradition de la Ceramique Japanaise” Musee
National de Ceramique Sevres, France
1988 “Biennale International Limoges” Limoges, France
1984 “International Ceramics” Budapest, Hungary
1980 “International Ceramics Biennial” Vallauris, France
Invited as a guest exhibitor to The British International Print Biennale, Bradford,Great Britain.
1975 “Asahi Art Now” Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Kobe, Japan
1972-80 “International Ceramic Exhibition” Faenza Ceramic Museum, Faenza, Italy
“Mainichi Shinbun Art Concour Exhibition” Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Japan
“The Ninth Annual Shell Exhibition” Shirokiya Department Store,Winner Prize, Tokyo, Japan
1962 “Asahi Young Artists Exhibition” Osaka, Japan
1954-69 “Dokuritsu Exhibition” Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Japan
【Selected Public Collections】
  The National Museum of Art, Osaka
The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art
Benesse Art Site Noshima
The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
The Museum of Art Hara
The Museum of Faenza, Italy
The Everson Museum of Art, New York, USA
The First National Bank of Chicago, USA
Asian Cultural Council, USA
The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation Seoul, Korea
The Museum of Art Olot, Spain etc.